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The Training Wahine 

The Training Wahine is a fitness medium for women that we run through social media. 


In 2019 we ran a Facebook group for wāhine to empower them to get active and stay fit, wherever they may be, and however much time they may have available! 


Our E-book is made up of the 278 workouts we did that year (4-5 workouts per week), that are quick and achievable for you to do when you get a spare

15-30minutes, because ain't no mum/busy wahine got time to spend hours in the gym! 

These are for all fitness levels and can either be used as a warmup or as a workout on those days when you're running short of time.

#TheTrainingWahine #TTW 

Two wāhine helping other wāhine get fit! 

Fitness is another one of our passions, and our aim is to empower women to stay active and feel good about themselves while having fun together, wherever you may be in the world. 

Check out our pages on Instagram or Facebook, and join us on the fitness journey! 

Facebook page (free)- The Training Wahine 

Facebook workout page (pay to join)- TTW Collective 

Instagram page: @thetrainingwahine

©2019 by AM Clothes. 

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